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It's a pleasure to meet you

I grew up in a small town in western North Dakota where I learned there was always a place on the team for someone who worked hard and was committed, and a leader doesn't have to be a star

I took that hard work and commitment to the ND Army National Guard where I learned that a group of people, committed to each other can deliver on the seemingly impossible

After my time in the Guard, I became a CrossFit Coach here in Fargo.  It taught me the value of being a beginner and surrounding yourself with people you aspire to be like 

I have achieved every big thing I've ever set my mind to.  I've also looked in the mirror and at times didn't like what I saw.  I added up the cost of my dreams and as a result, walked away from 2 successful careers 

I know what it's like to work and sacrifice to achieve a dream that isn't worth the price, I want to help folks who are there now and help head off others from ever getting there

Below are a few of my favorite things, enjoy!

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