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from Humble Beginnings

My movement coaching practice started from my home gym...

I had been a Soldier for almost 20 years and in that time I had been in both unbelievable shape and almost the worst shape of my life.

I'd had severe and chronic low back pain in my early and mid 20's and had a difficult time passing my Army Physical Fitness Test...

It was a long and at times lonely road dealing with set backs, and "tweaks"

By the time I started studying movement out of this "office" you see here, I was approaching the best shape of my life, at 38, and just a few months away from posting the highest Army Physical Fitness Test score of my entire career at 299/300

It's never too late to get out of pain and do the things that you thought you were too old for.  

I'm here to help

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Why we get hurt in the gym

People get develop aches and pains when they consistently ask their bodies to do things that they don't have capacity for.  Take a look how that happens and how we can take steps to get back out of pain


Stability, Strength, Skill

This is a core pillar of my movement coaching practice, we can only build as high as our foundation will allow

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"I bridge the gap between physical therapy and fully participating in your ideal active lifestyle through assessment, programming and 1 on 1 training"

my vision for "The Gym"

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