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I've been interested in the idea of radio for as long as I can remember.

  • I had a little Sesame Street cassette recorder toy I played with constantly as soon as I learned how to talk.

  • I walked around with a video recorder in the early '90s capturing everything from home renovations to birthday parties.

  • I qualified for the State Speech competition my junior year of high school in, you guessed it, Radio Broadcasting

Like lot's of things, I put that interest away after high school

In 2008-ish I found podcasts, and these things were a gamechanger for me for a couple of reasons.

I spent 12 or so years exploring podcasts before I cracked the mic myself, and when I did, I definitely got after it.

My first podcast was built for Icehouse Fit some of gets deep into the weeds of fitness nerdery, perfect if that's what you're looking for.

Nine-Four Radio is definitely my pride and joy. I built it then quickly put production on hiatus while I was also pursuing my Project Management Professional certification and recommitting to my fitness/wellness

Just like this blog, I have big plans for Nine-Four Radio. Until new content drops, feel free to check out previous episodes, there is a lot of good stuff that I'm proud to have put out into the podcast universe

Spotify Links

Nine-Four Radio

Icehouse Fit Links

Nine-Four Radio

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