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Vision, Mission, Core Values, Mindset

Nine-Four Coaching is centered on clarifying personal and professional visions, missions, core values, here are ours.


Build strong communities

I am convinced that it takes a village to get through this life in any meaningful way, and meaning is driven by human connection. It is my vision to build strong communities…so what is a strong community?


  • feel belonging

  • share time and energy

  • gather together

  • are physically capable

  • care for one another during times of crisis

  • celebrate each other's success

  • set an honor healthy boundaries

  • make mistakes, make amends, move forward


I help clarify and co-create routes to reach meaningful destinations personally and professionally

I know what it feels like to win. I know exactly what it feels like to set a goal, take the steps to achieve it, achieve it, and feel completely hollow. I know what it feels like to win a “Race to Nowhere”

I did it twice.

A lot of people helped me work through the anger and shame and embarrassment of paying for professional success with time and experiences and connection with my friends and family.

Now I intend to pay their generosity forward

There’s a way out of the race and there’s a way to avoid the race, and it doesn’t necessarily require a wholesale change to your relationships or career

It starts with having a conversation with yourself, getting clear on what you want, discovering where you are, setting your own destination, setting your own route and staying the course. My mission is merely to help guide the process and offer tools and support

Knowing you’re in a race to nowhere isn’t a problem, most folks deep, deep down know it. It’s knowing what to do to get out of it, and feeling worthy to save...that’s what requires a village.

Core Values

  • Integrity - We say what we do, and will immediately make all the necessary arrangements the moment we realize we will be unable to fulfill a commitment.

  • Transparency - We do everything in the light of day

  • Creativity within Framework - Know the rules to know which ones to break

  • Play - Seek activities that let you lose time, be silly, tap into the relentless enthusiasm you had as a kid

  • Humility - Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future


We will either find a way or we will make one

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