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Resilience? *REPOST 2/17/20*

Lots of good things happen when I drive around aimlessly... I think better; I feel better: I see new things…

Lots of good things happen when I hang out with people...I see new perspectives; I feel new energy; I see myself differently…

I drove around and hung out with people this past week and I discovered the anchor for Nine-Four Coaching…” Resilience”

Why do I listen to stoic philosophy, workout, read books, talk to friends, drive around aimlessly? To build resilience within me.

Why do I need resilience? Because I will face unpredictable and unavoidable challenges in my life.

How will resilience help with unpredictable and unavoidable challenges? I will be able to withstand them and bounce back from them.


  • I have breathing tools to use remain calm when everything in my body and brain wants to do whatever will take to “survive”

  • I will make better decisions under stress

  • I will maintain relationships under stress

  • I will find better solutions under stress

  • I have journaling practices to ask myself questions and discover more about what I want and who I imagine myself to be

  • I have meditation practices to clear my mind and get into how my body is feeling

  • I have planning practices to manage my time, help me remember and keep commitments, and ultimately keep first things first.

  • I use affirmative language to make sure I’m framing situations accurately

  • I build and maintain relationships because I feel stronger because I know that I have partners, friends, and allies who support me

  • I play, I move, I dance to remind myself to have fun because life is short

...this is obviously a partial list, the point is that capable and action-oriented people, who build strong communities, are resilient.

What is this going to change for Nine-Four Coaching? Nothing really...Resilience is a more accurate word to describe my coaching philosophy. If my coaching content thus far has resonated with you and you’re not sure why...I hope you’re able to take the clarity that I’ve discovered and carry that with you as well.

Be on the lookout for more tools, tips, techniques, and stories this week yet!

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