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Joining the Outdoor Mindfulness Movement!

2020 Offered Us All an Opportunity to Reset

2020 was a big year for me, personally speaking, and all of us, globally speaking. When I didn't have coffee shops and breweries to write in and a gym to workout in, I found myself drawn to the outdoors.

I've never been "outdoors-y" on my own. When I was very young, I followed my dad over the river, in the lake and through the woods, and as an adult, the Army directed most of my outdoor activity.

2020 was the opportunity to explore nature on my own..follow my own curiosity...and on my way I found Outdoor Mindfulness.


Think of it as the quiet and calm you find while you’re “doing something else” in an outdoor setting

If you’ve ever felt the energy of a trail on a hike, or feel the energy of the field on a hunt you know exactly what I’m talking about

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so much better after a short walk around the block getting fresh air, you are already familiar with outdoor mindfulness

So what’s Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is a specific practice of intentionally getting into the woods to recharge you batteries (whatever that looks like to you)

Do I really NEED a guide?

No, but you may WANT a guide for your first (or first couple) practices

Why would I WANT a guide?

  • You don’t have to be an expert immediately.

  • You get the full experience, and can observe what fits, what doesn’t fit and modify your practice from there.

  • We take the pressure off.

  • Wondering what an experience would be like, but are worried about what others on the trails or in the park will think if you’re by yourself? Guides make it easier to try new things, we’ll show you that it’s all good, and the confidence you’ll gain out of that great experience will carry onto the next one, and the nex one, and the next one…

  • Guides have the first aid kit.

  • We think of the group logistics of a practice session, you can show up, ready to practice, knowing we have you covered.

  • Guides have options.

  • Sometimes an invitation just feels off. No worries, we have an infinite supply of options and will work in the moment to find the right one

Forest Bathing, guided by Sarah Skedsvold: “It is a group event and an individual experience”

Question: How is that possible?

Answer: Invitations.

Invitations guide the experience, they are 15-20 minutes activities we use to navigate through the woods

I will offer an invitation to the group, then when you are ready you will take the time to fulfill and experience the activity individually. We will repeat that throughout our walk through the woods

What would an example of an invitation look like?

“Slowly move down the path and observe everything that is moving...Everything”

You may only cover the length of a football field in 20 minutes time, and if you’ve never done that before, I bet it will feel wildly different than any other experience you’ve had in the woods

I’m super excited to jump into a Forest Bathing session with you!! What does it consist of, and What do I bring?

  • 2 hours of chatting, observing, reflecting and walking through the woods at locations to be determined

  • Walking distance: 1.5 to 2 miles total

  • Dress for comfort, we’ll be walking very slowly through the woods, comfort is key!

  • Water and snacks may be a good idea (it’s so much easier to be mindful when your tummy isn’t growling)

  • Pen and notebook (the final invitation will include a reflection exercise/journal prompt along with time to reflect/write)


If you’re a fan of short informative videos I made some of them too!

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